Are you a big fan of Transformers? This news might excite you! Switzerland based EPFL Robotic labs is developing a new series of robots named “Roombots” which can combine together to become furniture.

With shapes and design reminiscent of individualized lego blocks, what these robotized blocks can do is form together to turn into shapes such as tables or chairs. In fact, it has an adaptative AI that allows it to move around freely and “sense” what you require. For example, turning itself into a table to deliver you a glass of water. We’re certain that your current boring old tables don’t come with such wonderful features!

What’s the use of such objects? Scientists are already speculating on its use to assist house holding keeping for the elderly. These robots can turn into chairs to assist them in getting around the house or delivering them their medicine on the table. As many countries are having an aging population problem, such advances in the field might prove to be a huge boon in solving such issues before they crop up.

It’s interesting to think of what this invention can do to the world of furniture. While they are still a work in progress, they already show potential to revolutionize the industry. We can’t wait for the research to be complete!

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