When you buy furniture, do you just buy them randomly and toss them into your rooms? Hopefully not, because that is a very inefficient method, and you will be quite annoyed if you had to go back and forth from the shop because you realized that you bought some furniture that is too big or small for your room!

What is the solution to this problem? We suggest planning out your rooms beforehand! Like the saying goes “measure twice, cut once”, proper preparations is crucial to saving time in the long run.

What are some of the things to keep in mind while planning? Let’s consider…

Remember the basics: When planning your rooms, remember that you will need the basics – walls, doors and windows. Don’t forget to include any of these in your plans or you will appear silly when you hand over your plans for someone else to check!

Pen and Paper: Think of yourself as a good artist? Why not put your skills to good use, the old fashioned way? Sketching and visualizing the look of your desired rooms and the furniture you want is a good way to bring your ideas to life. You can also write down supplementary information such as the specific types of woods that you wish to use, the dimensions of the room and furniture and so on

Computerized 3D Programs: Nowadays, they are many programs on the Internet that will help you do room planning. You can choose from many computerized images so you can visualize for yourself whether you want to go for a red carpet, or a blue carpet, how huge you want your sofas to be and so on! With such modern technology, room planning has never been as simple as it was in the past!

So what are you waiting for? Try planning your rooms today, we’re sure you’ll find the final results are much better

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